Welcome to Jessie’s Place

Jessie’s Place is a child-friendly facility, based in Citrus County, Fla., that functions as a central location to coordinate all needed services for unfortunate children who have been abused or neglected.


Jessie’s Place implements a Multi-disciplinary Team approach, bringing professionals to the child – in one building – instead of sending the child to them.  By doing so, children receive expedited care in one familiar location; being spared the time, trauma and inconveniences of traveling to multiple locations.

Our Multi-disciplinary Team includes the following agencies:

  • Citrus Co. Sheriff’s Office;
  • Office of the State Attorney;
  • Department of Children and Families;
  • University of Florida Child Protection Team;
  • Kids Central, Inc.;
  • Guardian Ad Litem;
  • Department of Juvenile Justice;
  • Citrus County Public Schools; and
  • The Centers.

Mission:  Making a difference in our community by helping each and every child who has been physically or sexually abused feel like a child again.

Our vision is that in the future we will become a self-sustaining regional presence with the purpose to coordinate a timely, comprehensive, and multidisciplinary response to child sexual and physical abuse allegations in a safe, agency-neutral, child focused setting including therapeutic services to children and non-offending family members.  The CCCAC will facilitate investigations, medical and treatment referrals and will assist with any consequent legal proceedings in order to protect and support the children it serves and their non-offending family members.

But most importantly, our goal is to Make a Child Feel Like A Child Again!

Why is it called Jessie's Place?

Named in Jessica Lunsford’s memory, this facility is dedicated to protect all of Citrus County. When a child recieves services at Jessie’s Place, it is with the purpose of alleviating the painful events in his or her life, and offering hope to those who have been abused or neglected.